Brian Libbrecht


"Luck is the last dying wish for those who want to believe winning can happen by accident.  Sweat on the other hand, is for those who know its a choice.  Welcome to the Grind."

A little about myself.  My name is Brian, and I have been a certified fitness trainer for 13 years, and an ISSA ELITE Trainer for the last 10 years.  Prior to being a trainer, I worked retail for 15 years.  Until retail became too much...I chose to pursue a career which is truly a passion of mine.  I have always been into fitness.  Playing sports such as hockey, and spending a ton of time in the gym...moving into the fitness industry was a smooth transition.  And now, with more than 25,000 training sessions completed with some amazing clients over these 13 years, I look forward to seeing even greater successes from them, and my new clients as well.