Brian Libbrecht


"I have been searching for a personal trainer for several years without success until I found Brian at Everest Fitness!  Brian provides the perfect balance of motivation and encouragement in his intense workout regime and is constantly altering the exercises to ensure maximum results.  Brian provides flexibility in scheduling which makes training manageable with work and family.  I have been chasing specific goals for several years and with the assistance of Brian at Everest Fitness my goals have been reached and surpassed.

Best of all, Brian creates an environment that makes training fun which has increased my quality of life both inside and outside the gym!"

- Terry Lineger - Calgary

"I have been working with Brian for little over 3 months now and I am extremely happy with the results. When meeting Brian for the first time, we discussed my goals and how to go about achieving them. Brian then set me up with both a workout and nutrition plan. These plans were not only easy to follow, but were designed to help me avoid the plateaus that can come with weigh lifting. I also signed up for 2 private sessions a week at the Everest Fitness gym. Brian had all the equipment I needed and our outdoor training sessions were intense!The combination of the nutrition and workout plans, 2 killer training sessions a week, aswell as his continued encouragement and guidance, mean that I am well on my way to achieving my fitness goals! Thanks Brian!"

- Rob H - Calgary

"I started training with Everest Fitness to reach my goal of passing the military entrance test. Since I have started I have had the flexibility of fitting sessions into my own busy schedule and have been encouraged with positive reinforcement every step of the way; even on off days. I have seen great improvements in myself and am confident I will reach and surpass my goal with Everest Fitness. I would recommend Everest Fitness to anyone interested in reaching any fitness goals they have and feeling motivated and positive along the way."

- Caleigh G - Calgary

"I met Brian from a previous job that we worked together at, and not long during my employment there I found out that he was into weight training as much as I was.  As time passed, he told me he was a Nutritionist as well as a workout planner and trainer.  I always thought my diet was rather subpar, especially with the training I was doing.  I quickly took action and sat down with Brian who gave me a solid diet plan, and added in the proper nutritional supplements I needed to effectively achieve my goals.  I have since achieved those goals and I'm completely satisfied with his work and would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants a great personal trainer who is focused on you goals.  Unlike a gym that just wants contracts and signups and monthly payments, Brian was focused and committed to seeing me reach my personal goals!"

- Ty Hollinger - Calgary

"Over 6months ago I decided to make a lifestyle change, and I emailed Brian at Everest Fitness. I have always been interested in keeping healthy and fit, but I needed some motivation and realized the accountability factor was definitely what I was missing.  Brian's pleasant and comical demeanor, as well as his intense dedication to his profession has made this journey a success! He is extremely accommodating to your schedule, and sincerity like his, is hard to come by these days.  There's been more than a few times when I didn't think I could do 'just one more', and with his never ending encouragement, I always leave my sessions feeling better about myself, my goals. and looking forward our next meeting.
If you're questioning whether you need a trainer, don't hesitate with this one, he's a real gem.  If you need to be pushed beyond your limits, or just need some genuine encouragement, Brian is a true professional. "

- Susan - Calgary

"Hi there, my name is Christine and I'm just finishing up my third month of fitness training with Brian. I decided to try a personal trainer as I was having a lot of difficulty with my last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight. My time and experience at Everest Fitness has been awesome! He is friendly, helpful and has been flexible with our schedule. The atmosphere in his gym has been comfortable and fun, yet challenging (look out for that evil laugh, it means a hard session is in order!). Our work out sessions continue to be a learning experience as he is always adding something new. I'm very happy to report that since I started with Brian I've lost weight, toned muscle, and gained information & knowledge to help me maintain a healthier diet. I finally feel like I'm on the right track again, and that's a pretty great feeling! Thanks Brian :)"

- Christine D - Okotoks

"I met Brian Libbrecht a few years back. We talked one day and he mentioned he was a personal trainer. So, I joined his Time Fitness program. Best thing I have done! Besides being a friend, he's an amazing trainer. Brian helped me turn my physique into a healthy, confident and energetic person. Brian showed me a different and unique perspective to help me understand his training methods on a whole new level. With his knowledge, professionalism and expertise, I can assure you, he will coax you through any mental blockages and/or plateaus you experience! Brian is very supportive and he understands your goals and will work along side you to achieve them! Brian has competitive prices and is flexible with scheduling. Brian has and is continually transforming my body, mind and spirit! I highly recommend Brian Libbrecht at Everest Fitness for all your fitness needs!"

- Marla - Calgary

"Brian is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session.  He makes each workout fun, creative and challenging.  Brian always keeps me motivated, positive, and ultimately fit!"

- Nicole D - Okotoks

"I have been going to Everest Fitness for almost a year now and I have enjoyed each and every session.  Brian is a great guy, he motivates you without being aggressive.  I highly recommend using him as a personal trainer!!"

- Blair B - Calgary

"Brian is someone that has restored our faith in personal trainers.  He is knowledgable, personable, and flexible.  Always inventive with our workouts, changing up our routines and challenging us to always improve.  He always knows when to push you for that extra 10 seconds, those extra reps, or extra circuit.  Even when you think you can't do it!  Thanks to him, we have a renewed energy and confidence when ever we workout!"

- Chelsey, Gayle, and Darian

"Brian has been amazing to work with.  He is always there cheering me on to help push me harder to acheive my fitness goals and helped me through my mental blocks to keep me pushing!  I look forward to continue to train with him!"

- Chelsea - Calgary

"Brian is an excellent trainer. Almost a year ago, I made a life changing decision to focus on my health. Brian has been a wonderful coach and motivator the entire time. 

One of the best things about Brian's method is that no two days are they same. He has countless routines, which keeps sessions challenging and interesting. 

He is flexible, supportive, friendly, and has a great sense of humour that keeps the sessions light. 

I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness."

- Shelly - Calgary